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JAFE is the oldest association in Japan to support female executives.


Since setting up JAFE in 1985, my mission has remained to provide supporting services for parenting and elderly care for the working women. As women increasingly realize their potential in the work field, I found that a place for female executives to network and empower is even more important today. This is why, I have re-embraced our founding philosophy to provide dynamic and global opportunities and support to all our JAFE members, in alliance with various female network organizations. We thank you for your understanding and support.

Noriko Nakamura, Representative
In Re-launching Our Activities

Japan Association of Female Executives(JAFE) was set up in 1985, the year the Equal Employment Opportunity Act came into effect. For the thirteen years that followed, we have actively engaged in debates and discussions within the political and economic world and the executives as a voluntary organization to develop female executives and provide opportunities for self-empowerment. Thanks to our efforts, the professional responsibilities of many of our members became more demanding that we decided to seize our activities temporarily. Fourteen years on and the economy has evolved, the society has become more global, and as women across the nation are increasingly finding greater career opportunities, backed by popular demand, we have decided to resume JAFE.

The Mission of JAFE

JAFE aims to be a place for “women who work as managers, executives, board members, professors, lawyers, accountants, doctors amongst others to exchange information and empower themselves to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives.” This remains our mission as we work as an advisor who promptly identifies the changing trends and provide effective support to both executives and other working women. We seek new members through recommendation. We hope to provide a place of active exchange by our passionate and committed members.

Shifting to a New Era

28 years have passed since our beginnings in 1985 and over the years, the opportunity for working women and the scope of responsibility for female executives have changed significantly. The traditional model of a male-centric organization driving company growth purely based on full-time employees putting in long hours have reached its limits. Today, women progressing on the executive track is increasingly shifting from working like the men to working while still fulfilling her responsibility as a parent. And they should be able to be an active member of the society, armed with a greater perspective in being a professional who can improve themselves and their quality of lives. As the fabric of society changes, we are increasingly shifting to an era of active women.