JAFE Japan Association for Female Executives

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JAFE is the oldest association in Japan to support female executives.


April 26
Speech for the Inaugural Ceremony of JAFE
by Ms. Shigeru Ishimoto (Director General of the Environment Agency)
May 14
"The Highly Advanced Information Society and the Crucial Role of Women"
by Mr. Jiro Ushio (Chairman and Ushio Group Representative)
June 12
"Women in the Global Society"
by Her Excellency Ms. Nobuko Takahashi, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Denmark
July 11
"Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way"
by Ms. Akiko Aw (Chairwoman of Haw Par Corporation and Vice Chairwoman of Singapore Red Cross Society)
July 25
“Candid Advice for Working Women”
by Mr. Toshio Yamaguchi (Minister of Labor)
Sept. 24
“On the Future of Japanese Culture”
by Mr. Sumon Miura (Commissioner of Cultural Affairs)
Oct. 17
Joint Seminar with Foreign Executive Women
Speech given by Ms. Mayumi Moriyama (Parliamentary Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs)
Nov. 22
“The Division and Privatization of Japanese National Railways”
by Mr. Takaya Sugiura (President of National Railways Corporation)
Dec. 12
JAFE Year-end Party
(at Tokyo American Club)

Jan. 18
JAFE New Year Party
(at Kioicho Fukudaya)
Feb. 26
"Personal Relationships at Workplace"
by Dr. Mikiko Hasegawa (Head Consultant, Department of Psychiatry, Hasegawa Hospital)
March 12
"Latest Information from Wall Street"
by Mr. Yoshio Terazawa (Vice President of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Nomura Securities International, Inc.)
April 15
"The Way of My Life and My View of Women"
by Mr. Koichi Tsukamoto (Chairman and President of Wacoal Holdings Corporation and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry )
May 10
Wisteria Viewing Party
(at Mitsubishi Kaitokaku)
June 20
"Venture Spirit"
by Mr. Masayoshi Son (Representative of SoftBank Corporation),
Mr. Yasuyuki Nambu (Managing Director of Temporary Center Corporation),
and Mr. Shinichi Kawabata (President of Gakkyu Corporation)
July 7
"The Future of Japan"
by Mr. Ryuzo Sejima (Senior Corporate Adviser of Itochu Corporation)
Sept. 3
"Philosophy of Life and Business"
by Mr. Kazuo Inamori (President of Kyocera Corporation)
Oct. 30
"Active Women"
by Mr. Tetsuya Tsukushi (Editor-In-Chief of Asahi Journal Magazine)
Feb. 27
JAFE Year-end Party
(at Suntory Hall)

Feb. 4
"A Day in the Life of a Female Leader of a Political Party"
by Ms. Takako Doi (Chairwoman of Socialist Party of Japan)
March 11
"The Trend of Consumers' Attitudes"
by Mr. Takashi Shoji (Managing Director of Hakuhodo, Inc.)
June 15
"My Town, Tokyo"
by Mr. Shunichi Suzuki (Governor of Tokyo)
July 31
"The Managerial Position Is Merely a Starting Point"
by Ms. Shizuko Yamauchi (Director of Consumer Relations of Shiseido Co., Ltd.)
Sept. 25
"Warning Message to the Japanese Economy"
by Mr. Keitaro Hasegwa (Economist)
Oct. 19
"My Policies"
by Mr. Seiji Tsutsumi (Representative of Saison Group)
Feb. 17
"In My Youth"
by Mr. Osamu Uno (Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation and Chairman of Toyobo Co., Ltd.)
Feb. 26
JAFE Year-end Party
(at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, Tokyo)

March 9
"Globalization and the Japanese Economy"
by Mr. Kenichi Omae (Director of the Japanese Branch Office of McKinsey & Company)
April 28
"The Other Side of Japanese politics and Economy"
by Mr. Soichiro Tahara (Critic, Journalist)
July 25
by Mr. Akira Ogata (NHK Commentator)
Jan. 17
"Japan Viewed from a Financial Aspect"
by Mr. Teruyoshi Takei (Editorial Writer of Nihon Keizai Shinbun)
Feb. 10
JAFE Year-end Party
(at Sakura-jaya)
Feb. 13
"The Future of Osaka"
by Mr. Yasushi Oshima (Former Mayor of Osaka City)

Jan. 25
"What Is Going to Happen in Japan?"
by Mr. Noboru Makino (Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)
Feb. 9
"The Aging Society and the Social Progress of Women"
by Mr. Seizo Ota (President of Toho Mutual Life Insurance Company)
April 27
JAFE Annual General Assembly
May 19
"Mikado and the Japanese people"
by Mr. Naoki Inose (Writer)
June 22
"My Stories of Music, Women, and Love"
by Mr. Shigeaki Saegusa (Composer)
June 26
"Japan from the French Point of View"
by Mr. Roland Cellete (Cultural Attache of the French Consulate-General in Osaka)
and Satoru Nishimura (Assistant to the Consul of Economic Ministry of Commerce of the Consulate General of France in Osaka)
July 5
Joint Seminar with Foreign Executive Women "Career Power"
by Ms. Carol Hyatt (Multimedia Producer)
Sept. 27
"Successful CI Strategy"
by Ms. Mim Ryan (Representative of the Japanese Branch Office of Landor Associates International Limited)
Oct. 25
"How to Deal with Money"
by Mr. Banri Kaieda (Economist)
Jan. 9
"On Management"
by Mr. Takeo Shiina (Vice President of IBM)
Feb. 7
JAFE Year-end Party
("Symphony" party on the ship)
Feb. 26
"The Role of Japan in the 21st Century"
by Mr. Taro Nakayama (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

March 22
"The Day Women Changed Television"
by Mr. Yuichi Kusaka (Producer of TV Asahi)
May 8
"Thinking From a Different Angle"
by Mr. Kenji Yoshida (President of Tomato Bank Corporation)
May 17
"Maturation of the Society: The Role of Women in the 1990s"
by Mr. Seiichi Mizuno (President of Seibu Department Store)
Aug. 24
"Politics in the 1990s"
by Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto (Minister of Finance)
Sept. 25
"New Business Methods for the Youth"
by Mr. Dai Saito (President & CEO of Epic International Corporation)
Oct. 31
"The Hanako Phenomenon"
by Mr. Yamato Shiine (Editorial Director of "Hanako" of Magazine House)
Feb. 11
"Globalization and My View of Business" JAFE Year-end Party (at Hotel Okura)
by Mr. Yutaka Kume (President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)

March 8
Joint Speech
by Mr. Akira Kawamoto (Location Pollution Agency of Environmental Policy Division of Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and Mr. Yoichi Iida (Chemical Weapons Regulation Response Office of Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
April 10
"The One Minute Manager"
by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard and Mrs. Marjory Blanchard
June 14
"Marriage, Family, and Gentlemen"
by Ms. Mizuho Fukushima (Lawyer)
July 9
"The Society Where Both Men and Women Can Work Actively"
by Ms. Yoshie Ota (Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Labor)
Sept. 26
"The Door to Life Science"
by Ms. Keiko Nakamura (Honorable Researcher of the Mitsubishi-Kasei Institute of Life Science)
Oct. 30
"True Hospitality"
by Mr. Yasuo Hashimoto (Executive Director of Hotel Okura)
Jan. 7
"Corporate Contribution to Society and Mecenat"
by Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara (President of Shiseido)
Jan. 20
"The Woman Mayor"
Ms. Harue Kitamura (Mayor of Ashiya City)
Feb. 16
JAFE Year-end Party
(at Suntory Hall)

Jan. 22
"The Corporate Image Created by Women"
by Mr. Yuzo Seto (President of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
March 25
"Global Standard Politics"
by Mr. Tsutomu Hata (Minister of Finance)
March 27
"Philanthropy and the Japanese Society"
by Mr. Tetsuo Asahi (President of Toyo Shigyo Printing Co., Ltd.)
May 6
"Breathing Exercises for Beauty and Health"
by Mr. Sho Josai and Mr. Ryo Kaneko
June 17
"Behind The Scoop"
by Mr. Shuntaro Torigoe (Anchorperson of The Scoop, TV Asahi)
June 29
"The Future of Japan"
by Mr. Morihiro Hosokawa (Representative of the Japan New Party)
Sept. 28
"Fashionable World"
by Mr. Yoshiro Yomo (Fashion Producer)
Oct. 17
"Sit in the Parliament"
by Ms. Yuriko Koike (Member of the House of Councillors)

Jan. 30
JAFE New Year Party
"Piano Concert Party by Mr. Yukio Yokoyama" (at Suntory Hall)
Feb. 27
"JAFE Salon"
by Mr. Akira Endo (President of Maxim's de Paris, Tokyo)
March 11
"Political Uncertainty in Japan"
by Mr. Takenori Emoto (Member of the House of Councillors)
May 27
"Politics and Public Prosecutors"
by Mr. Tsutomu Hotta (Lawyer and Former Public Prosecutor)
July 21
"J-League and Professional Football as Business"
by Mr. Ro Yamada (Chairman of Matsushita Soccer Club)
July 22
"Behind the Magazines and Criticizing Newspapers"
by Mr. Kazuyoshi Hanada (Editorial Director of Weekly Bunshun)
Oct. 5
"The Trade Relation in the Triad"
by Prof. Susan Strange (London School of Economics)
Jan. 26
"Celebration for Three Women Ministers: Ms. Ryoko Akamatsu (Minister of Education), Ms. Manae Kubota (Director General of the Economic Planning Agency) and Ms. Wakako Hironaka (Director General of Environment Agency) "
(at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, Tokyo)

Jan. 22
JAFE New Year Party
(at Mitsubishi Kaitokaku)
Feb. 22
"The Nature, the Country, the Cities"
by Associate Prof. Nozomu Hayashi (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
March 4
by Mr. Tatsuya Ishi (CM Planner of Osaka Brunch of Dentsu, Inc.)
April 11
"The Success Story of Dominos Pizza"
by Mr. Earnest Higa (President of Y Higa Corporation)
May 23
"The Success and Failure of the Urban Development of London"
by Prof. Derek Diamond (London School of Economics and Political Science)
May 27
"Bureaucracy in the UK"
by Prof. Ronald Dore (London School of Economics and Political Science)
June 1
"The End of the British Royal Family"
by Prof. David Starkey (London School of Economics and Political Science)
June 13
"Upheavals in Recent Politics in Japan"
by Mr. Nobuhiko Shima (Journalist)
July 12
"What It Takes"
by Dr. Lee Gardenswartz (Consultant ・Doctor of Human Ethology) and Ms. Anita Rowe (Consultant)
Sept. 12
"Principles of Organization in the Information Society"
by Prof. Ikuyo Kaneko (Keio University)
Oct. 26
"On Movies"
by Mr. Kazuyoshi Okuyama (managing Director of Shochiku Co.,Ltd.)
Feb. 6
JAFE 10th Anniversary and Year-end Party
(at Westin Hotel, Tokyo)

Feb. 8
"Japan in the Era of Turbulence"
by Mr. Peter Tasker (Director of Kleinwort Benson Securities, Ltd. / Chief Strategist of Japan Stock Market)
March 8
"Talk Meeting with Mr. Kenichi Omae"
by Mr. Kenichi Omae (Representative of Heisei Ishinokai)
April 5
"Business Strategy and Multimedia Management of CCC"
by Mr. Muneaki Masuda (President and CEO of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.)
May 31
"Remodeling Plan for Japan"
by Mr. Ichiro Ozawa (Chief Secretary of New Frontier Party)
Oct. 11
"Women of the World, Women in Japan"
by Ms.Mariko Bando (Vice Governor of Saitama Prefecture)
Oct. 30
"Looking Back on the Election for President of the Liberal Democratic Party, to Talk about the Future Political Situation"
by Mr. Junichiro Koizumi (Former Minister of Posts and Telecommunications)
Jan. 22
"Today's Reflections on the Brain"
by Mr. Takeshi Yoro (Anatomist)
Feb. 12
Internet Experience Seminar: Current Situation of Internet and Commercial Use
(at the Internet Surf Space Tokyo)

Jan. 13
JAFE New Year Party
March 30
Screening: "Earth Symphony - Gaia Symphony – the Second"
April 26
"Aging Society and Women"
by Ms. Ritsuko Nagao (Minister of Justice)
Sept. 3
"Road to the Executive"
by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi (Managing Director of Suntory Holdings Limited.) and Ms. Yukako Uchinaga (Director of IBM Japan)
Oct. 21
"Makoto Naruke: Talk about the Future"
by Mr. Makoto Naruke (President and CEO of Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.)
Jan. 22
"Days in Ischia of the Forest"
by Ms. Hatsume Sato (Preside of Ischia of the Forest)
Feb. 5
"Now, Thinking as a Manager"
by Mr. Hirotaro Higuchi (Chairman of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

Jan. 28
JAFE New Year Party
(at BECE Minami-Azabu Club)
May 7
"About the Big Bang in Japan"
by Mr. Koichi Mizuguchi (Adviser / Chairman of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.・Vice Chairman / Executive Director of Keizai Doyukai)
July 15
"Japan's Big Change"
by Mr. Naoto Kan (Representative of the Democratic Party)
Sept. 17
"The True Face of the Proper Female President"
by Ms. Eiko Kouno (President and CEO of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Jan. 14
"Japan Is Forced to Change"
by Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai (Journalist)

Jan. 17
JAFE New Year Party
(at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, Tokyo)
Feb. 24
"Challenging Regulations"
by Mr. Hideo Sawada (President and CEO of H.I.S. Co., Ltd.)
April 14
"Recent Crime Situation"
by Mr. Kazuo Kawakami (Lawyer ・ Former Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Director)
June 24
"Good Investments in the Future"
by Mr. Koichiro Kitade (General Manager of the Japanese local headquarters of Citibank, N.A.)
July 2
"Unchanged Japan, Changing Japan"
by Mr. George Fields (International Business Consultant)
Oct. 14
"The Way of Living for Women in of Life Era of 80 Years"
by Ms. Ginko Sato (Chairwoman of Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission of Financial Supervisory Agency)

Feb. 13
"What I'm Thinking Lately…"
by Ms. Nobuko Matsubara (Former Administrative Vice Minister of Labor)
July 29
"The Liberalization of Securities and the IT Revolution"
by Mr. Michio Matsui (President of Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.)
Sept. 1
"Making the Chance that I'll Love"
by Ms. Mitsu Kimata (Director Advisor of AEON Co., Ltd.)
Oct. 27
"Self-Reform of the Life Direct Connection Industry: The Key to Japanese Economy Reproduction"
by Prof. Haruo Shimada (Department of Economics, Keio University)